Welcoming Retirement

Janice Williams - Retirement Coach

My path to becoming a retirement coach

I know firsthand the struggle, as well as the joy and reward, of creating the best Third Phase of my own life. Like you, I’m there! As a trained retirement and career coach, as well as a credentialed human resource professional, my passion for serving others and my own life journey inform my work on your behalf every day.

My Third Phase of Life

• I began the Third Phase of my life as an unemployed older worker after being unexpectedly laid off. Although I secured two future positions, I was laid off from each of those due to corporate restructuring. Then, I recareered to follow my passion to help people like you to experience and express your full potential as my encore career.

• My life has been filled with many transitions. I learned over time how to choose to greet each new change with a sense of ease and grace rather than with fear, uncertainty or doubt. My regular practices of hatha yoga, meditation and the Sedona Method sustain my state of ease, as I support you through your transition.

• I consider it an honor and a privilege to coach people like you to be who they want to be in the Third Phase of their lives. Your self-discovery and transformation are two of the valuable gifts you will receive as you reinvent, recareer, and renew to thrive in the best time of your life.

My Approach

I believe we each have a unique gift to give during our lifetime. It is our responsibility to perfect this gift and share it with others. I use a positive, proactive, strengths-focused approach to help you unleash your true talents. When you focus on your strengths, you are inspired and empowered to thrive in the Third Phase of your life. During your retirement years you can shift from a life of striving for success to one filled with the joy of sharing your unique gift and leaving your legacy.


When people discover their true potential, I know I am contributing the legacy that’s mine to give.
-Janice Williams